Stock Update [Post COVID-19]

Stock Update [Post COVID-19]

[UPDATE 5/8/2020]

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the related effects of COVID-19, we are currently experiencing increased delays in manufacturing - which is very wide spread due to the large demand for E-Bikes and like product globally. 

While we continue to work through this period with shipments coming through, we kindly ask for your utmost support as we do our best to provide the most accurate delivery times based on the information available to us - although this may not be entirely correct as everything is very un-predictable at the moment.

We are anticipating that stock levels will fully recover to normal in around September / October this year and as time goes on we will do our best to provide updates here as more information becomes available. Any product that is Available for "Pre-Order" will display like so on the product page along with the estimated delivery date and anything else will either stay as "Sold Out" or otherwise available.

Once a Shipment is "At Sea" we generally see a 14-25day turn around time until Delivery at our Facility.

Our Approximate Shipment Schedule as Follows;

ACE / Chubbie  Expected August/September
ACE  Expected September/Oct
ACE / Chubbie / Riptide Expected October
Kaabo August, September & November
ACE  Anticipated December
Chubbie / Riptide Anticipated December / January 2021

Further more we would like to say a Huge Thank You for your support and patience during these unprecedented times.

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know.

Best Regards,

General Manager

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    interested in kaabo wolfwarrior 11 +

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