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Welcome to the Ampd Bros Help Centre!

Our products are meticulously packed and shipped in secure boxes, arriving at your doorstep approximately 80% assembled. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and ensure proper pre-checks are carried out before use. Incorrect assembly not only risks voiding your warranty but could also result in serious injury or worse.

If you may lack the expertise or confidence in assembling the product yourself, we strongly advise seeking professional assistance. Whether it's consulting a local bike store, mechanic, or similar professional, they can offer invaluable guidance and may even be able to facilitate direct delivery of the item with prior approval.

If assembly presents a challenge, here are some recommended steps:

  • Consult with an Approved Ampd Bros Retailer, local bike store, mechanic, or similar professional for assistance, you could possibly even arrange for direct delivery to them with prior approval.
  • Reach out to one of our technicians for troubleshooting support.
  • Refer to the instruction manuals and tutorial videos provided below for detailed guidance.
  • Consider opting to pick up your fully assembled product from our Gold Coast, QLD Head Office, or one of our authorized stores. (Assembly charges may apply.)

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we're here to ensure a smooth and secure assembly process for your new bike.

    Ampd Bros E-Bike Quick Tricks:

    1. Light Activation - Press & Hold "+" Button on Display Keypad
    2. Charging - Connect the Charger to the Bike First! Then to the wall, otherwise your chargers safety override parameters will activate and your charger will not work, as it must detect the battery state first.
    3. Walk Mode - Holding the "-" Button will idle the Bike up to Approx 6km/h to Help you Get Started on Hills etc.
    4. Trip Clear - Reset the Trip computer by holding the "+" and "-" button simultaneously 

    E-Bike Assembly Pre-Checks:

    • Fit front wheel first so the bike can stand on its own. Regularly Check tighten the Quick Release Axle to ensure it does not come loose.
    • When Affix Pedals to Crank Arms Check each pedal is on correct side to ensure no cross threading occurs. (Pedals are Reverse threaded)
    • Place Handle Bar rubber caps on and slot handle bars into position and tighten 4 bolts.
    • Fit Headlight on bracket and plug into current system. (Plug by front wheel fender - not top of handlebars).
    • Charge battery before use and insert under seat, lock in position with key and turn the battery on via the master switch on the battery itself
    • Check tighten disc rotors (6 Bolts), kick stand, handle and fork bolts regularly
    • Check tighten all bolts across bike. Any plastic components with bolts or screws such as the light switch on handlebars, do not over tighten as this can cause damage or cracking.
    • Check your tyre pressures are correct (usually 20-25psi for 20x4" Tyres) never exceed maximum pressure stated on the tyre.
    • Be careful when adjusting brake levers as this can cause the electric motor cut off sensor to fail.

    For more help Contact us or Email: service@ampdbros.com

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