Battery Safety

Getting the Most Out of Your Battery

Electric Bikes are proving to be extremely popular methods of transport. But what are some things you can do to ensure you’re using and maintaining your electric bikes battery correctly? We recommend the following tips to ensure your battery life is maximised and any risk of danger such as fire’s, explosions or injury is eliminated.

Best Practice Tips:

  1. Place your Battery on charge when it is low (eg. 20%) never run it to empty
  2. Never store you bikes battery in direct contact to sunlight
  3. If you plan to not ride for extended periods of time, place your battery on charge once per month even if not used, this will help to keep your cells stay active.
  4. Avoid excessive vibrations to avoid damage to the battery housing and or contacts
  5. To avoid overheating batteries, never overcharge your device; unplug the device once it is fully charged (usually green light on charger)
  6. Check the contacts regularly for damage, burn marks, foreign objects etc
  7. Avoid charging your device on flammable materials, such as the bed, couch or on paper. Always place charger on hard dry surfaces.
  8. Never allow your battery to get wet or be exposed to water
  9. If you battery has been exposed to damage of any kind - discontinue use immediately and have inspected by a professional or dispose of safely
  10. Store them in a secure, dry, and cool place, and away from flammable materials or objects including metals
  11. If you notice signs that the battery has a problem, such as overheating, odors, leaks, or change in color/shape, shut off the device and move it away from things that can catch fire. Dispose of immediately at a certified disposal site
  12. Never throw lithium batteries in the trash. This causes pollution and can be a fire hazard
  13. To properly dispose of lithium batteries, take them to a battery recycling location or contact your local waste management service provider for disposal instructions

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