About Us

Where the the weather is warm and the constant search for the Ultimate in Thrills and Adventure never sleeps, an Aussie Family Brand with a dream of crafting and bringing some of the worlds greatest brands of electric scooters to one place was born.

Since the Ampd Brothers Brand was Founded in 2018, the company has now delivered thousands of Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards nationally and is consistently growing and improving the product range daily with development plans under way for many exciting new and exclusive models - the road ahead is looking action packed. 

Along the way Ampd Bro's has forged many connections, friendships, alliances, partnerships and most importantly - a community of like-minded passionate individuals across Australia.

With our Brand Values in mind we take service, quality and honesty seriously and above all else. To achieve this we work closely with our manufacturers and vendors to ensure the company values are closely adhered to and hold the roots of the Ampd Brothers name.

Theres nothing more refreshing than to feel the wind in your hair whilst cruising the beachfront, city streets or wherever your commute may be, so when you invest in an Ampd Brothers product, you're investing in a Family Brand of like minded individuals that strive to deliver incredible high end products that you, your family and friends are guaranteed to enjoy for a long time to come.