About Us

the power behind
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Ampd Brothers


Established on the Gold Coast of Australia, we're a family brand committed to developing electric transportation products with edge. Our mission has always been to produce dynamic, eye-catching products that deploy the latest technology at the highest level of quality. Because our products are crafted with passion, we're sure you'll love them too.


Designed in conjunction with some of the top automotive engineers in Australia, Ampd Bros products are painstakingly crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. We select only industry-leading components to construct our products, so you can be assured that every inch of your bike is thoroughly tried and tested to last.

Built with the Best

Exceptional people POWER OUR BRAND

Our tenacious team is stacked with decades of experience in the mechanical, electrical, tech, I.T., design and customer service industries. Each of our unique and diverse skill sets allows us to push new boundaries every day. The passion we have for our work is the same passion that powers our products.

always moving forward

You can’t see where you are going if you’re always looking sideways. We believe in being unique and true to our vision. By this method, we can continue to innovate and create with passion, resulting in products that not only exceed our own standards, but those of the entire industry.

It's all for you

Our customers are the reason why we do this every day. We understand that people demand products that not only deliver quality, performance and value but also products that reflect our own unique personality and lifestyle. So with this in mind, we consider all of these factors into everything we do to ensure our products are delivering you nothing but amazing experiences.

Meet the Team


Director & Co-Founder

The one who steers our electric bike ship as well as his own on the weekends, swapping handlebars for cruising with his furry first mates, Ted and Taco!


GM & Co-Founder

As a designer and marketer, Corey has an engrained passion for wining strategies and a focused brand experience, plus he never forget's an occasional rendezvous with a well-deserved cold one!


Chief Operations Officer

Luna's leadership experience is not something to be questioned. Also known for having an eye for catching out those who are "Dropping the Ball"


Retail Operations

Whilst Paul also enjoys a quality brew, (who would have guessed) he's also the man who pieces together all of the nitty gritty.


B2B Partnerships

Dedicated family man and beach enthusiast, tasked with delivering top-notch support to our retail partners.



Our financial wizard and admin extraordinaire. When she's not crunching numbers or the nitty-gritty details, you'll find her embracing the chaos of parenthood!


Customer Support

The OG first member of the Ampd team since 2020. David's knowledge and support is second to none at Ampd Bros, just like his ham sandwiches.


Lead Technician

Liam has an extensive automotive and electrical background and is a qualified mechanic by trade. P.S take our advice and stay out of his workshop.


Junior Technician

He's the newest addition to our team, turning wrenches by day and infusing his passion for riding into our workshop. Luke's here to electrify our bikes and your journey.