Top 10 Upgrades for your Surron Light Bee

Top 10 Upgrades for your Surron Light Bee

The Surron Light Bee is a popular choice among electric dirt bike enthusiasts. It offers an amazing combination of speed, durability, and maneuverability that can make off-road riding a thrilling experience. However, like any other bike, the Surron Light Bee offers certain upgrades to enhance its performance, comfort, and aesthetics. In this blog, we will discuss the best selling upgrades for the Surron Light Bee electric dirt bike.

Top 10 Upgrades

#1 18/21" Pro Race Wheels Upgrade

Elevate your SurRon Light Bee to the pinnacle of performance with our Platinum 18/21" Wheels! Transform the riding dynamics of your bike, enhancing both ride height and performance, but you'll also gain access to a wide range of aggressive tyre options that will take your ride experience to new heights.

#2 Surron Light Bee CNC Foot Peg & Brace Upgrade

Foot pegs are an essential component of a dirt bike, as they help the rider maintain balance and control over the bike. The Surron Light Bee Foot Peg Upgrade offers a wider, more durable platform that can handle the toughest of terrains. It also provides better grip, reducing the chances of slippage and accidents.

#2 Surron Light Bee Handle Bar Risers

Handlebar risers are a great upgrade for the Surron Light Bee, as they provide a more comfortable riding position for the rider. With the handlebar raised, the rider can maintain a more upright posture, which can reduce fatigue and strain on the back, shoulders, and arms.

#3 Surron Light Bee Pro Bash Plate 

The Surron Light Bee Pro Bash Plate is a must-have upgrade for off-road riders, as it provides an additional layer of protection to the bike's underbelly. This upgrade is especially important for riders who frequently ride over rocky or uneven terrains, as it can prevent damage to the bike's engine and other critical components.

#4 Surron Light Bee Extended Rear Mud Guard

The Surron Light Bee Extended Rear Mud Guard is an upgrade that can keep your bike clean, even in muddy or wet conditions. This upgrade provides additional coverage to the rear wheel, preventing mud, dirt, and water from splashing onto the rider's back and legs.

#5 Renthal Fat Bars Handle Bar Upgrade

Experience the unmatched superiority of the Renthal Handlebar Upgrade for your SurRon Light Bee. These epic handlebars not only offer a more comfortable and commanding riding position, but they also outperform the stock handlebars by leaps and bounds. Conquer the trails with enhanced control and confidence, knowing that you've elevated your ride with the ultimate handlebar upgrade. Enjoy the superior performance of Renthal Handlebars over the standard ones, taking your riding experience to thrilling new heights!

#6 Shimano Brake Pad Upgrade

Improve your braking capabilities to your Surron Light Bee immensely with the Shimano Saint Zee Ice Tech Metal Brake Pads. With cooling capabilities not only will these pads last longer than stock, but also provide much more heat resistance and braking performance on tough terrain such as hills, where the pads are pushed to their limits. One of the most favoured and must have upgrades for Surron Light Bee Models. 

#7 Surron 58-Tooth Sprocket 420 Chain

The Surron 58-Tooth Sprocket 420 Chain is an upgrade that can significantly improve the bike's acceleration and torque. This upgrade is especially important for riders who want to make the most of the Surron Light Bee's ability to accelerate quickly for jumps.

#8 Surron Light Bee Replacement MX Seat

The Surron Light Bee Replacement MX Seat is an upgrade that can make long rides more comfortable and enjoyable. This seat is designed to provide better support to the rider's back, reducing fatigue and strain.

#9 Surron Light Bee 17" Super Motard Street Wheels

The Surron Light Bee 17" Super Motard Street Wheels are an upgrade that can transform your off-road bike into a powerful street machine. These wheels are designed to provide better stability and grip on pavement, allowing the rider to enjoy a smooth and safe ride on the road.

#10 CNC Suspension Linkage Upgrade

Elevate your ride to new heights with the CNC Billet 1.5" Suspension Link Riser Kit, specially designed for Light Bee Models. Not only does this kit enhance the strength of your bike, but it also adds a significant boost to the overall height of your ride. Experience improved performance and increased confidence as you conquer any terrain with this premium suspension upgrade. Dominate the trails and take your adventures to the next level with this essential enhancement for your Light Bee!

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In conclusion, the Surron Light Bee Electric Dirt Bike is a powerful and versatile machine that can be upgraded to enhance its performance, comfort, and aesthetics. The upgrades discussed in this blog are the best selling upgrades for the Surron Light Bee, and they can make a significant difference in the riding experience.

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