Ace Electric Bike - Is this Australia's Best Fat Tyre Bike?

Ace Electric Bike - Is this Australia's Best Fat Tyre Bike?

Comparing the Ampd Brothers Ace Electric Bike: Is It Australia's Best Fat Tyre Bike?

The Ampd Brothers Ace Electric Bike, since its debut in 2019, has consistently impressed riders with its quality and performance. Here’s a comprehensive comparison highlighting why the Ace stands out in the crowded electric bike market.

Key Features of the Ace Bike

  1. Motor and Power: Equipped with a 750W Bafang motor, the Ace offers robust performance, delivering 80NM of torque, ideal for climbing hills—a feature where many competitors fall short despite claiming higher torque.

  2. Battery and Range: The Ace boasts a 20AH Samsung 21700 battery, offering a true tested range of over 80km, significantly outperforming other brands that claim ranges of 100km+ or more but often fail in real-world conditions. The battery’s smart BMS ensures safety and longevity of 5 years+ compared to the typical 2-4 years of others.

  3. Build Quality: The Ace uses high-grade aluminium for both the frame and battery housing as well as stainless steel spokes providing durability and a premium feel unlike the plastic or steel components used by many other brands.

  4. Design and Convenience: The Ace features an IP65 waterproof rating, integrated wiring, adjustable cup holders and custom-designed components such as independent front forks and a state-of-the-art controller with advanced motor algorithms.

  5. Safety and Visibility: Dual-beam headlights and brake lights enhance visibility and safety, surpassing the basic single-beam setups of other bikes.

  6. Additional Features: Upgraded Shimano Rapid Fire shifters and Altus derailleurs ensure smooth and reliable gear changes. The Ace also includes aluminum pedals, rims and mudguards, adding to its rugged, all-terrain capability.

  7. Service and Support: Ampd Brothers offers a comprehensive 2-year warranty and support through over 70 service centres, whereas many competitors provide limited online-only support.

Comparative Analysis

Feature Ace+ Other Brands
Motor 750W Bafang 750W, non-branded
Torque 80NM Claimed 85NM, often underperforms
Battery 20AH Samsung 21700 15.6AH & 17.5AH, non-branded
Range 80km+ (tested) Claimed up to 100km+
Build Aluminum frame and battery Plastic components
Waterproofing IP65 IP54
Lighting Dual-beam headlights & brake light Single beam front & rear
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Service 70+ retail & service locations Online only


The Ace Electric Bike excels in critical areas such as motor performance, battery life, build quality, and after-sales support, making it a strong contender for the title of Australia’s best fat tyre electric bike. For riders seeking reliability, durability, and superior performance, the Ace is a standout choice.

Explore more about the Ace Bike and see it in action in our Ace Model In Focus video.

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