How Does an Electric Bike Work

How Does an Electric Bike Work

How does an Electric Pedal Assisted Bike also known as PAS work?

Most commonly Pedal Assist bikes contain adjustable settings via the LCD Display unit to allow you to get the correct level of assist that you require as you ride.

By adjusting the "+" or "-" you can increase and decrease your level of assist. Increasing the level of assist means the bike will work harder and faster effectively meaning you can go faster or climb bigger hills easier by pedalling less. If you really want to generally most bikes allow you to turn the assist off all together and just ride as per normal.

How Does the System Work?

Pedal Assist systems have a sensor unit generally built into the pedal crank so as you start pedalling the bike will detect that movement has begun at the pedals and effectively driving the motor inline with the speed that you pedal it truely is a unique sensation.

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