Benefits of an Electric Bike

Benefits of an Electric Bike

In todays times Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards are becoming an excellent method of beating the daily traffic commute, not only are they fun to ride but they serve as an excellent quick method of movement which can be inexpensive and not to mention they fit in most spaces around the house, which is great when you have an apartment too! Theres nothing quite like the feeling of riding a bike that basically does the work for you and it's something that is difficult to imagine until you actually ride one for yourself.


Electric Bikes prove to be the ultimate comfort machine as they don't require virtually any sweat at all when it comes to conquering those large hills! So get out there and soak up the views!


Thats right! No more fuel or expensive mechanical bills! Let's be honest there's nothing worse than a trip to your local mechanic! It's estimated that the average electric bike costs $1 for every 100km travelled... In a perfect world the average small car uses around 7L/100km (at best) and if we assume the fuel price is $1.40/L then we are nearly at $10/100kms by car! Look's like I'll be taking the electric bike from now on. 


It's no secret that we are getting lazier (I know for a fact I probably fall into that part of society 🙄) so let's be real here what better way to get the blood pumping than riding an electric bike. I know what most of you are thinking... "How am I going to get fitter when the bike does the hard work for me!" Well on the normal I never ride a bike full stop, however when I did ride an electric bike, next thing I know I was wanting to go faster so here I am pumping my legs as hard as I could to help the PAS (pedal assist) motor to go faster, next thing I know I had traveled nearly 25km over the weekend and my legs were actually killing me I was shocked because I never thought I would ever do such distance on a bike in my life, but trust me when you ride one of these bad boy's they are serious fun.


With all this talk about our environment, what better way to do your part with a zero emission and energy efficient bike that not only does favours for our planet but also for our health at the same time! Seems like a "no brainer" really.


Escape the traffic rush and commute more efficiently by electric bike and you'll be quite surprised how quick it actually is, plus you can say goodbye to awful parking tickets and the hassle of trying to find carparks and so on!


Eliminating the stresses of driving in all aspects from beating the traffic, saving money on vehicle registrations, insurances, servicing bills and the list goes on, you'll be feeling 100% happier, stress free and healthier from riding an electric bike.

So there it is guys, seriously if you haven't ridden an e-bike yet get down to your local store and take one for a spin and you'll be pleasantly surprised. I have to also mention that the quality and builds that I have seen lately on the market from some brands encompassing huge Samsung Batteries, Aluminium frame construction, motor performance, hydraulic brakes and all these little details has truely surpassed my expectations and there has been so many improvements since the first time I rode one 8yrs ago, so there honestly hasn't been a better time to get on board.

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