Pre Orders

Due to the high demand and sell outs of product, we are continuing to take pre orders for the next shipments arriving soon! The Estimated Date of Delivery, can be found on the product page and is regularly updated when more information becomes available.

If you would like additional or more detailed information on delivery details please contact us, although we will keep product pages up to date with delivery information to the best of our ability.

How to Pre-Order

Pre-Orders with Full Payment Online

  • Your Order is Guaranteed and will be placed next in queue to be dispatched ASAP

Pre-Order with 10% Phone Deposit

  • Place your order over the phone with our team on (07) 5646 6240
  • Your Order is placed in queue to be dispatched after those who have made full payment - if those who have paid in full thus fills a shipment, your order will be shifted until the next available shipment.
  • You will be notified prior to stock arrival OR when a shipment is near full of finalised orders to finalise your payment along with everyone else who has made a deposit. Those who finalise their payments first will have their order actioned first.
  • If your payment is not made within 48hrs of being notified your order will be cancelled and refunded 

Cancellations will not result in any fee's and you are welcome to a Full 100% refund within 48hrs prior to the dispatch of your order - any refund/cancellation requests 48 hours before your order has been processed will not be honoured.

Please note that Delivery Dates are estimated to the best of our ability based on all the information available to us at the time and may vary on the rare occasion.

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an immediate email with your orders tracking details. Generally once your order has left our warehouse you will receive it within 5-10 Business days.

Should you have any questions regarding Pre-Orders Please Contact Us.