MX Store Battle in the Bush 2023

MX Store Battle in the Bush 2023

Last weekend's "Battle in the Bush" motorcycle event held at Green Park, Conondale was an absolute thrill ride! Presented by MX Store and proudly sponsored by Ampd Brothers, featuring the revolutionary Surron Electric Motorcycle range, the event brought together some of the biggest names in the industry, including SBS, Ballards Off road, Alpine Stars, Maxxis Tyres, FIST, Nine Two Decals, Fasthouse, POD, Heatwave, and more.

The action-packed two-day event kicked off with the heart-pounding SBS GO TO WHOA challenge, where riders battled it out for a chance to win a front and rear disc and pad setup, ensuring their bikes were fine-tuned for peak performance. The adrenaline soared as riders tested their skill and flexibility in the exhilarating POD LIMBO competition, taking motocross to new heights.

POD Limbo - Battle in the bush 2023

The relay race added to the excitement, with teams racing against the clock to secure the best grid positions for Sunday's main event, the Battle in the Bush. The atmosphere was electric, with the motocross community coming together to witness outstanding stunts, fierce rivalries, and a true display of passion for the sport.

When not on the track, riders and spectators had the opportunity to unwind, test ride the Surron electrics and bond at the bar and canteen, sharing stories and immersing themselves in the contagious motocross ambiance. Back by popular demand, the trivia session kept everyone entertained, offering exciting prizes from the event's generous sponsors.

As the event concluded, the memories made and the bonds forged will undoubtedly last a lifetime. "Battle in the Bush" proved to be a successful celebration of the motocross community, fueled by the passion and dedication of MX Store, AMPD Brothers, and all the participating brands. The countdown for next year's event has already begun, as riders look forward to another unforgettable motocross extravaganza!

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